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GBWS works as a sub contractor on many types of projects. Including pipelines, airports, Federal, State and County highway and road jobs. Large acreage solar projects, new commercial and residential projects.

Our Projects

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Reno Tahoe Airport Reconstruction Project 
Reno Stead Airport Project
NDOT 3844 pullout lanes
-   Dust suppression   - 
-   Water to meet compaction for state and federal specs   -
-   Feed water to the milling and grinder equipment   -
-   Keep rollers full during paving operations   -
-   Cannon wash equipment clean for transport   - 
Emigrant pass I-80 third lane for passing
-   Dust suppression in gravel pit, haul roads, water stock piles   -
-   Highway construction for passing lanes include water to meet federal and state compaction specs   -
-   Work with grinders and rollers on paving spread   -
-   Keep traffic impact barriers filled with water during construction   -
We will work with other companies upon request! 
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